New Cooking from Old Mexico


It’s said that the history of Mexico is, in great measure, the history of its culture, and the history of its culture is, in great measure, the history of its cooking. Restaurant menus and store aisles north of the Mexican border are packed with commonly known dishes that many have come to simplistically think of as Mexican cuisine. But the history of Mexican food is complex—a cornucopia of foodways ranging from indigenous, pre-Hispanic times to centuries of colonial-era influences and contemporary fusion variations. 

New Cooking from Old Mexico, Mexican food connoisseur Jim Peyton introduces a contemporary and diverse style of cooking practiced in Mexico—called nueva cocina mexicana—combining the elegant Mexican classics and techniques spanning centuries. Following an extensive introduction to the roots of Mexican cuisine complete with an overview of its foodways and new world ingredients, Peyton presents more than 130 recipes. Many of them are brought to life with colorful illustrations accompanied by a glossary of ingredients and culinary terms unique to these food cultures. In all, this collection is a tribute to the rich complexity of historic and contemporary Mexican cooking.

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