Glosa Marina Gourmet Salt Set 8 x 25 g Black Edition


8 salt compositions for gourmets: perfect gourmet tasting set for cooking, grilling and BBQ. Our salt is perfect for refining every meal. Whether it's fish, meat, salad or vegetables, you're always in the right place. 

This fantastic table salt set consists of 8 x 25g resealable jars. A great idea as a gift for moving into a new home. The packaging dimensions are 4.6 x 4.6 x 33 cm.

Our coarse salt is suitable for the salt mill. All salts are vegan and suitable for vegetarians. The salts are, of course, produced without dyes and without artificial flavors. A special gift from Mallorca and Spain. 

Varieties: special BBQ, saffron and garlic, garlic and parsley, hibiscus flower, tomato and garlic, herbal salt Mediterranean, chili and rosemary, natural salt.

Made in Germany

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