Salt Penguin Spice Grinder


The "Salt Penguin" by Spring Copenhagen is a design by Jens Ivan Christoffersen that went into production for the first time in mid-2006.
Since 2016, the Salt Penguin was launched in a new edition of Spring Copenhagen in collaboration with Jens Ivan Christoffersen’s family.

Wood Salt Grinder & Decoration in One

Christoffersen got his inspiration to the Salt Penguin made from walnut and maple, by the extraordinary and irreplaceable properties of salt and the freezing oceans.

The salt mill is operated by turning the penguin’s head. In order to refill the grinder, you simply need to remove the right wing of the penguin. Underneath is a small opening in which the salt can be filled until the belly of the penguin is full.

The patented Salt Penguin by Spring Copenhagen is equipped with a salt grinder from Hulstrøm from Denmark.

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