Platters and Boards Cookbook


Platters and Boards Cook Book -

A visually-led cookbook with recipes for 40 easy, attractive platters or boards for every meal occasion or gathering. Each board 'recipe' is presented as a list with minimal method; each includes tips on arranging, a (more traditional) recipe for one of the items featured on the board, or a drink to pair with it.

 Introductory content includes suggestions for materials that can be used as a board; how to mix textures, flavors, or come up with a theme; assembling, arranging, and portioning (for 2 to 100 people).

Every board will be photographed, and many of the recipes will be photographed for hero shots. Each board recipe includes a drink pairing and a meat pairing

(Shelly is a vegetarian, Wyatt is her boyfriend who eats meat).

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