Pepper Bird Spice Grinder


The Pepper Bird (Toucan) spice mill by Spring Copenhagen is a special design by Sven Erik Tonn-Petersen, who, under the name Tonn-P, designed the Spice bird already in the 50's.

But after only a short period of production of the pepper grinder, it stopped due to the complexity of the manufacturing process. Since 2015, the mid-century design is available again thanks to the collaboration between Spring Copenhagen and the family of the designer.

The pepper grinder is equipped with a patented Toucan pepper grinder from Denmark. By turning the bird’s head the grinder grinds the pepper so that salads, soups and other dishes allow to be seasoned according to your taste.

Height: 15 cm, Depth: 20.5 cm, Length: 8.5 cm

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