Mezcal Unisex Perfume Oil


These mezcal perfume oils are the perfect travel size to keep on you wherever you go. They make for awesome gifts! Each scent is uniquely curated: 

- Mezcal Blanca is a blend of sheer citrus & solar resins.
Smelling notes: peppercorn | palm leaf | oaxacan sea salt | juniper | star anise
- Mezcal Negra is a blend of smoked woods & mystical spice.
Smelling notes: sonoran pine | black lime | guaiacwood | cajeta | clary sage.
- Mezcal Roja is a blend of desert bloom & warm minerals.
Smelling notes: cacao blossom | corn silk | vetiver | ocote wood | oak barrel
- Mezcal Verde is a blend of mayan leaves & mountain cascades.
Smelling notes: limón | fern | white sage | violet leaf | birch incense

All fragrances are free of phthalates and parabens, and never tested on animals and non toxic.

Made in United States. 

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