Lavender Skellys - Cotton & Lavender Filled Ornament

Lavender Skellys - Cotton & Lavender Filled Ornament -

Signature lavender-scented ornament dolls are a lovely gift for any time of year. Perfect for gift toppers, closet or drawer sachets, holiday ornaments, or year-round décor.

These special seasonal spookies are perfect for hanging in a doorway, or any special spot! They have white machine embroidered bones on jet black linen with hand-embroidered silver bullion detail. Each skeleton's limbs dangle from the head and torso from the black thread. Each piece is hand turned and stuffed with organic cotton stuffing mixed with scented lavender. Lavender has a beautiful floral scent and also keeps the petty moths away! These skills are embellished with little seed beads for teeth and are attached to black metallic braided ribbons for hanging. No design on the backside.

This item is meant to be hung as a decor item- not suitable for children and as a toy due to fragility.

Dimensions: 10" long by 3" wide.

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