Classic Talavera Travel Mug


Classic Talavera Travel Mug- Coffee Mug- Coffee Tumbler - Enjoy your coffee, tea, cocktails, and cold drinks with a handmade mug made using an authentic Mexican & Spanish pottery tradition called Talavera dating back to the 15th century! Made in Puebla, Mexico the Talavera mecca known for their premium pottery. Talavera is a very desirable earthenware pottery style because of it's high-quality, bold colors, and unique designs brought to life during the Spanish colonial period. Even today, Talavera is still a very popular pottery style that is used in homes all over the world.

Care: Microwave safe. Hand wash only.

Made in Mexico Includes: The travel mug comes with a silicone topper and heat sleeve. Dimensions: 6" tall, capacity is 15.2 ounces.

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