Bexar Tonics(Curbside & in-store pick up only)


Bexar Tonics: All natural cocktail & mocktail mixers born ‘n raised in San Antonio, TX. Bexar Tonics syrups are handmade in San Antonio, TX. They are 100% natural, made with ingredients that celebrate the abundant and native flavors of South Texas. Each syrup blend is concocted using whole spices, a unique blend of herbs and botanicals, citrus peel, pure cane sugar and all natural cinchona bark (quinine).

Choose from three syrup blends, each with its own unique flavors that highlight the seasons of South Texas.

PRICKLY PEAR hot pink in color, this syrup balances ripe earthiness with bright citrus flavors. It turns an everyday gin & tonic into a fun and festive flavor explosion. This syrup also pairs very well with citrus, sparkling wine, vodka and tequila.

TEXAS WILDFLOWER delicate floral notes from lavender, lemon verbena, lemon­ grass, and butterfly pea flower make this fragrant tonic syrup taste just as beautiful as it looks. This tonic pairs well with gin, vodka, lemon, elderflower, pear, sparkling wine and sparkling soda.

PECAN SMOKED FIG, rich, smokey and woodsy, this syrup is reminiscent of winter campfires in the Texas Hill Country. It stands up to bold spirits like bourbon, rye and mezcal, and pairs well with bitters, blood orange and dark chocolate. Star anise, cloves. cardamom and brown sugar round out this full-bodied tonic syrup.

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