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What to Do in San Miguel de Allende

Nom Nom Nom
While the city is full of extraordinary restaurants which we will feature in a future blog post, we hit up Baja Tacos the most often while there (a casual rooftop cafe across from our AirBnB). The freshness of their seafood, friendliness of staff, and the feel of the breeze was divine (and a delicious afternoon mezcal never hurt either).

Churches of San Miguel
It’s difficult to go to San Miguel and not see a church from pretty much every corner. The bells ring throughout the day from many corners. Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel was originally built in 1709, it’s notorious for its gorgeous gothic-style facade that was built in the late 19th century. Entry is free, so if you want to take some breathtaking photos of your trip, this entire structure is the perfect place to snap a couple of shots.

Where to stay
We found the coolest small AirBnB in the city center, which was a rooftop casita on top of a larger courtyard home. It was our base of operations for two weeks, and the view photos below are from its rooftop! If budget wasn't an option, we would've also stayed a few days at the Rosewood hotel. We visited it for spa services and their amazing rooftop bar with views of the whole city.

Mezcal Tasting
You can’t go to Mexico and not try Mezcal. This smoky-flavored alcohol is made exclusively in certain Mexican states, Guanajuato included, so you’ll have the perfect conditions to sit back and sip away. San Miguel is home to several Mezcalerías where you can try a wide selection of different Mezcal varieties and even grab a bite to eat.