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Tex Mex Dance Party

Rose Reyes has worn many different titles, including ‘folk arts administrator’, ‘music industry promoter’, and ‘public relations professional', but her newest title may be the most exciting yet: Owner of Tex-Mex Dance Party. 

“I started Tex Mex Dance Party as a creative outlet for my life long passion of collecting a wide variety of beautiful, eclectic, hand-made objects and original art”, says Rose. Her home decor brand is centered around using found items to showcase vintage, handmade objects and art that have a Texican flair. As a native Texan of Mexican descent, Rose loves to use the items she finds as an expression of the unique culture crossroads she is proudly a part of. 

The way Rose sources her products might just surprise you. Where most big names shuffle out mass-produced decor from a factory, Rose finds a much more sustainable route: collecting items from estate sales, thrift shops, her travels, and through other makers - all curated from collecting items throughout her life!

It’s safe to say Tex-Mex Dance Party has been years in the making, and we’re so honored to have Rose’s collection exclusively at Rancho Diaz. Stop in or shop online to see the one-of-a-kind home decor pieces that Rose has so thoughtfully curated. From books, to records, and pottery her collection has something for everyone.

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